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Worker’s Comp & Occupational Medicine Urgent Care & Walk In Clinic in Herndon, VA

AFC Urgent Care Herndon Provides Work Injury Treatment in Herndon 7 Days a Week.

Worker's Comp & Occupational Medicine Urgent Care & Walk In Clinic in Herndon, VA

Got Injured at Work? Just Walk In to AFC, Herndon!

Faster Care make a big difference when it comes to recovery and getting back to your life. As leader in this field of medicine, with tens of years of experience, we know how to balance your recovery and return to work process and get your paperwork ready for your attorney, employer and other concerned party within 24 hours of your injury so you can get paid faster and timely at the time you need the most.

Workers’ compensation and occupational medicine are AFC’ s specialty. Workers’ compensation is a federal and federal mandated insurance program. But the government makes sure injured worker is receiving workers’ compensation. The States and Federal mandates and generally ensures that injured employees receive medical care and wages following an injury or illness caused by work. As part of this process it is very important to keep the business up-to-date with process care the patient receives and guide the business step by step to meet its responsibilities, process employee claims, treat injuries, and create reasonable return-to-work programs.

It is AFC Herndon’s specialty with more than 30 years of experience in Occupational medicine and focuses on the handling of illnesses or injuries caused by work, and the process of returning employees to full function, reducing overall cost for the business and restore patients functional status to pre-injury level as soon as possible. This can include specialized treatment referral to specialists and physical therapy that may be required as part of a patient’s treatment plan. AFC staff and physicians are trained in occupational medicine and experienced in treating workplace injuries of all types.

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