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Walk-In Travel Clinic in Herndon, VA

AFC Urgent Care is a travel clinic who provides travel medicine services, vaccines and the Yellow Fever vaccination.

Walk-In Travel Clinic in Herndon, VA

If your are deployed to Middle East or go on missionary trip to Zimbabwe or want to have fun in Thailand our AFC Herndon Travel Clinic offers overall health assessment, medications, vaccines and travel supplies you may need for your trip. AFC Travel Clinic in Herndon offers customized travel consultations and travel immunizations specific to your itinerary.

According to CDC requirement travelers should have all their age related and health specific related vaccination done before their trip. We also advise you to have a full check up and your physical have done for you before your trip, so we can have a baseline clinical work up before your departure and we can compare your health after your return.

We are only walk-in industry -leading travel medicine medical clinic in Northern Virginia, No appointment needed.

Some of our services include:

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination – A mosquito-borne disease seen throughout Africa. The vaccine is required for travel to some countries.
  • Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Rabies and Cholera , Hepatitis B. These common food, water, borne or sexually transmitted diseases. Or some can get by needle exchange. These illnesses can be a serious threat to travelers. Make sure you’re protected before you go. To get full immunity for the vaccines and the full prevention effect, you might come to visits is few weeks in advance, because some of these vaccines are taking more than one shot for your to get immunity against the disease. Plus we do titers before any vaccinations to make sure you are not already immune.
  • Malaria and Dengue Prevention – We can electronically submit your antimalarial prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, Or you can pick up your medication from our convenient My Family Pharmacy in our medical center. We can fill your prescription in our pharmacy for up to 3 months supplies so you don’t have to look for your medication in your destination country. In our pharmacy we carry inexpensive most affordable common medications that travelers need during their trip from diabetes medication to high blood pressure, all below $20. But that is just the start. AFC Travel Clinic also has mosquito netting, repellents and advice for travelers heading to regions with malaria, dengue or any other mosquito-borne disease.
  • Travel Physical Titer and Laboratory Testing – AFC Herndon clinic provides a wide variety of services to the travelers. As a leader in walk-in physical we can provide all types of physicals from Annual, to deployment or Pre-Travel physical and testing solutions to travelers, employers and others. As part of our extensive physical program, we offer visa, MOD 13, credentialing physicals and Green Card and Citizenship physicals (I-693) in our clinic as well. The other good news is that we carry all necessary shots, Labs and diagnostic test in our center and all our services are walk-in and we are open everyday including weekends and holidays.
  • The good news is if you have insurance most of your routine shots and vaccinations will be covered by your insurance and you may be paying only for the shots not covered by your insurance, if you do a comprehensive preventive physical exam in our facility and plus there is no copayment charge if you have not done your annual physical for the last year with most insurance companies.

As part of your physical your provider may order blood Work for Physicals:

  • Glucose
  • CBC
  • Lipid Panel
  • G-6-PD
  • PSA
  • Syphilis
  • Blood Typing
  • HIV


  • Hep A and Hep B Titer – often proof is needed to work in the medical field.
  • MMR Titer – often required prior to surgery or school
  • Polio Titer –
  • Rabies Titer – commonly required for those who work around animals (Lab Workers, Veterinarians, Keepers)
  • Chickenpox Titer – (Varicell)

Also based on your age and health risk factors your provider might do an EKG Xray or Pulmonary Function test, to make sure you are fit for travel or need addition measures to insure you are healthy and safe throughout your trip or any other physical.

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