AFC Urgent Care Herndon is conveniently located at 334 Elden Street Herndon, VA 20170. We’re open:

Monday–Friday 8:00am – 9:30pm

Saturday and Sunday 8:00am – 9:30pm.

Any questions? Call us at (571) 665-4000

AFC Urgent Care in Herndon, VA accepts appointments and patients on a walk in basis!  We accept most health insurance plans and offer a discounted self-pay option.

Digital x-rays are offered at AFC Herndon so you don’t have to wait in an emergency room for hours to see if you have a fractured or sprained ankle. Our professional staff can help get you the answers you need quickly. Typically, fractures are diagnosed via x-ray and then the bone must be set to heal properly. Often, medications are prescribed for pain and can be filled at our on-site pharmacy for your convenience.

Digital X-rays for Sports Injuries and Patient Falls

Some common sports injuries are fractured bones. AFC Urgent Care in Herndon diagnoses and treats sports-related injuries as well as falls, as seen in our elderly patients. We provide bandages, splints, casts and/or braces to ensure proper care of your injury.

Commonly seen fractures are seen in: